Virginia inmates ‘manipulated locks’ to escape jail: US Marshal


(NEW YORK) — The U.S. Marshal leading the investigation for the two Virginia inmates that escaped from jail earlier this week detailed how he believes the two men escaped from jail.

Alder Marin-Sotelo, 26, and Bruce Callahan, 44, both federal detainees, escaped over the weekend from the Piedmont Regional Jail in Farmville, which is about 70 miles west of Richmond, according to law enforcement.

“They somehow, we think, were potentially able to manipulate some locks, crawled through an opening that led them out into the rec-yard area. And then from there, they scaled two fences to get away from the jail,” U.S. Marshal for the Eastern District of North Carolina Larry Moltzan told ABC News in an exclusive interview.

Moltzan told ABC News one left 20 hours before the other, but he believes they might’ve talked about the escape.

“I think it’s like it’s fair to reason that they may have talked about it, given that it was so similar,” Moltzan said. “But they did not escape at the same time and didn’t necessarily help each other in that way.”

Law enforcement believes both are “dangerous men.”

“Bruce Callahan has an extensive criminal history involving firearms and drug offenses,” he said. “Mr. Sotelo was charged federally with weapons possession by an illegal alien, but he is also wanted in Wake County, North Carolina, for a homicide of a law enforcement officer. So we certainly believe that they’re both dangerous men. They certainly could pose a danger to the community. And we would ask that if anybody sees them to contact law enforcement immediately.”

He believes they both have the ability to obtain weapons.

“We would certainly believe that both of them have a potential to be armed and both of them are extremely dangerous,” he said. “The nature of chasing fugitives is they could really be anywhere. We believe there’s a strong possibility that they could be in North Carolina and may be looking to go elsewhere.”

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