Two boys dead after being swept away by waters from an open dam


(OKLAHOMA CITY) — Two boys have died after they were swept away by waters from an open dam in Oklahoma City, officials say.

The incident occurred late in the afternoon on Monday when officials from the Oklahoma City Fire Department were needed for a water rescue emergency near the backside of Lake Overholser Dam, a large reservoir located within the city limits in the northwest Oklahoma City.

“With the water gates open, the water currents were extremely strong,” said the Oklahoma City Fire Department on social media detailing their rescue efforts. “Four boys were fishing in the area and entered the water. The strong water currents pulled two boys under water while the other two safely made it to a concrete ledge.”

Firefighters confirm that they were able to rescue the two boys from the ledge before beginning their search for the other two missing victims who were pulled under in the heavy currents.

A short time later, firefighters were able to locate one of the boys but said he did not survive. The Oklahoma City Fire Department and Oklahoma City Police Department continued searching for the other missing boy for several hours before confirming just before 1 a.m. on Tuesday that they had found him and he did not survive either.

According to ABC News’ Oklahoma City affiliate KOCO-TV, the boys who died were aged 10 and 11 years old.

The identity of the victims have not yet been released and the investigation is currently ongoing.

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