Arizona mother stung over 75 times by bees during family photo shoot: Officials


(BUCKEYE VALLEY, Ariz.) — A woman was stung more than 75 times by a swarm of bees while participating in a family photo shoot in Arizona on Sunday, fire department officials said.

Arizona Fire & Medical Authority said crew members responded to calls in the Buckeye Valley area of bees attacking a mother and her two kids.

The mother saved her children by placing them in her car, resulting in her taking the brunt of the stings, fire officials wrote on Facebook.

“The mother’s quick thinking saved the children from being stung,” Arizona Fire & Medical Authority said.

The unidentified woman was sent to the hospital with more than 75 stings and has recovered, officials said.

Fire officials used foam to calm the bees down and rescue the children, according to officials, who also posted a partial video of the incident on Facebook.

Arizona Fire & Medical Authority officials urged the public that getting inside to a safe place is important if they are attacked by bees.

“Run in a straight line, cover your face, and get to shelter. Never get into water and do not fight the bees,” officials wrote.

Experts have previously provided tips to ABC News about what to know about bee stings, saying people should run if a bee “bumps into” them, since it isn’t an accident; if there’s no attack yet, hold your breath; and don’t flail your arms or swat at bees.

ABC News’ Joyeeta Biswas contributed to this report.

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