‘Venom 3’ reportedly slithering into theaters for Halloween 2024


Although the writers strike is gumming up the works like sticky, black alien goo, Venom 3 is close to getting underway for Sony Pictures.

The third go-round for Tom Hardy‘s Eddie Brock, who is also host for the foul-mouthed, voracious shape-shifting, titular extraterrestrial parasite, also stars Marvel movie veteran Chiwetel Ejiofor and Ted Lasso Emmy nominee Juno Temple.

The latter tells Variety she’s “thrilled about” the project getting underway “very, very soon.”

Venom 3 is slated for an October 2024 release, the trade revealed.

Even if production starts, the ongoing strike could pose a problem for the film, as WGA rules would forbid any on-set rewrites, a common occurrence.

A spinoff franchise from the Spider-Man universe, the R-rated Venom movies have been a smash for Sony Pictures. The 2018 original made more than $856 million worldwide, and while its 2021 sequel made considerably less, Venom: Let There Be Carnage still earned over $506 million against a reported production budget of $110 million.

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