Trailer for Carrie Fisher’s final film, ‘Wonderwell’, debuts


Wonderwell, the long-delayed fantasy film that was the last movie Carrie Fisher worked on before her death at age 60 in 2016, now has a trailer.

The modern-day fairy tale film shows Kiera Milward‘s inquisitive Violet finding a secret portal in a forest to a new dimension. There, she meets Fisher’s Hazel. “Are you the witch?” the little girl asks. “The witch or a witch,” the Star Wars icon corrects her, before showing her a magical new realm.

Also seen in the trailer is Rita Ora as the antagonist, a world-renowned fashion designer named Yana, who is a counter to Fisher’s character. Rita is seen in a variety of dramatic outfits and hairdos that are likely to get cosplayers’ gears going.

“We need to talk,” she tells Fisher’s character. “You know the rules. The forest is yours, the town is mine.”

There’s also a power play at hand over the new visitor. “My girl isn’t usual,” Fisher explains. “She’s not yours,” Rita replies. “It’s only a matter of time. See what happens,” she warns.

Hazel tells the little girl she has to make it back to her own world, lest she get stuck there forever. “Life can be just as magical as this garden,” she says of returning home. “Only it’s a lot more fun.”

The film will bow in AMC theaters on June 23 and will be available on streaming, as well.

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