‘The Bachelorette’ recap: Charity threatens to take back one suitor’s rose


Charity and her remaining suitors hit the road on Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette. Destination: San Diego.

Unfortunately, a week of fun in the sun was spoiled by Brayden, whose penchant for speaking his mind once again nearly talked his way out of a rose, while stirring up more trouble in the house.

After a one-on-one date that saw the 24-year-old travel nurse — who resides in “America’s Finest City” — spend the day in Petco Park, home of baseball’s San Diego Padres, Charity picked Brayden to gain some clarity. Last week, he told the other men he felt “disrespected” and threatened to leave the competition after learning that Joey’s reward for winning a group date competition was sharing “the longest kiss in Bachelor Nation history” with Charity. After a private conversation with Brayden, Charity believed he deserved a chance to move forward.

After expressing doubts on Monday about whether he could go through with the competition knowing that she’s developing connections with other men as well as him, Brayden promised he’d “try his hardest” to move forward for her, even handing her a baseball on which he’d written, “You’re worth fighting for.”

That was good enough for Charity, who offered him the date rose.

However, Brayden would try her patience once again, this time telling several other suitors, including Aaron, that he wasn’t sure he could handle “getting engaged after just dating with 20 other dudes.”

When Aaron shared Brayden’s latest comment with Charity, she seriously considered doing something done only one other time in Bachelor Nation history — take back a rose.

That led to yet another tense conversation with Brayden, and once again, he managed to talk his way out of elimination.

Elsewhere, a Barbie-themed date ended with Dotun grabbing a rose. Later, a one-on-one date with Xavier at an amusement park, ended with a yawn — instead of a rose — as they struggled to have a conversation with each other and saw him admitting in a confessional that “amusement parks make me tired.”

At the rose ceremony, AaronAdrian and James were sent home.

Here are the other men remaining after the rose ceremony:

Aaron B., 29, a software salesman from San Diego, Calif.
Brayden, 24, a travel nurse from San Diego, Calif.
Caleb B., 24, a pro wrestler from Orlando, Fla.
Dotun, 30, an integrative medicine specialist from Brooklyn, N.Y.
John., 27, a data scientist from New York, N.Y.
Joseph “Joey,” 27, a tennis pro from Lawai, Hawaii.
Michael, 28, a yacht captain from Chicago, Ill.
Sean, 25, a software sales representative from Tampa, Fla.
Tanner, 30, a mortgage lender from Pittsburgh, Pa.
Xavier, 27, a biomedical scientist from Carrboro, N.C.

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