‘Succession’ continues its winning ways with latest shocker episode


HBO’s Emmy magnet drama Succession continues to score for the network. Its most recent third episode of the fourth and final season scored 2.5 million viewers, putting it 7% higher than its season debut record of 2.3 million viewers.

Weeks later, that first episode’s viewership has ballooned to 7 million viewers, as people catch up on streaming, according to HBO.

Sunday night’s installment, “Connor’s Wedding,” saw the shocking death of a main cast member. The intrigue — and, likely, the haunting prospect of being spoiled about it — propelled the show’s viewership to new heights.

If you don’t want to be spoiled about exactly who met their fate in the third episode, definitely don’t read the Variety article about it, in which director Mark Mylod says show creator Jesse Armstrong had the major death planned since season 3.


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