Second season of Apple TV+’s ‘Foundation’ is now streaming — and no, Jared Harris isn’t dancing


The second season of Apple TV+’s science fiction epic Foundation debuted on Friday, July 14.

Based on Isaac Asimov‘s seminal work, the series stars Guardians of the Galaxy’s Lee Pace as Brother Day, one of a familial line of galaxy-ruling emperors. His God-like control over humanity is threatened by Jared Harris‘ genius Hari [Harry] Seldon and his disciples.

“I feel like we learned what the show was in the first season … what the tone was, what the universe was, what the characters are about, really,” Pace told ABC Audio before the SAG-AFTRA strike began.

He adds, “I was able to approach this season with … a willingness to just play with the character … just to kind of have a good time with his messy emotions, and that messy ego and kind of the chaos that he creates.”

Lou Llobell plays Gaal [Gail] Dornick, one of Hari’s disciples. She says it was “such a joy” to keep exploring her gifted character, who in this season discovers she has a daughter she’s never met.

“I was so, so, so excited because I was kind of like, ‘Oh, my gosh, where are we going to go from here?"” Llobell recalled thinking when season 1 ended. She adds with a laugh, “I’m hoping that I do get more and more … because I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied.”

While the second season filled a lot of wishes for its cast, there was one letdown.

When Foundation’s first season debuted, Pace promised that if the show was renewed, he’d get Harris to participate in one of Pace’s famous on-set dance-offs.


“I owe you a real apology,” Lee laughs. “But maybe … if we get a season 3, we can get Jared dancing.”

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