Rob McElhenney shares diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders and learning disabilities


Rob McElhenney is opening up about being diagnosed recently with “a host of neurodevelopmental disorders and learning disabilities.”

The Welcome to Wrexham and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star shared the news Tuesday, July 11, on Twitter.

“I was recently diagnosed with a host of neurodevelopmental disorders and learning disabilities! At 46!” he wrote.

Neurodevelopmental disorders are “behavioural and cognitive disorders, that arise during the developmental period, and involve significant difficulties in the acquisition and execution of specific intellectual, motor, language, or social functions,” according to the World Health Organization.

They can include “disorders of intellectual development, autism spectrum disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) amongst others,” the WHO states, adding, “Psychosocial interventions, behavioural interventions, occupational and speech therapy” are among treatment options.

Learning disabilities, according to the National Institutes of Health, are “disorders that affect the ability to understand or use spoken or written language, do mathematical calculations, coordinate movements [and] direct attention.”

McElhenney said he will go through his “full diagnosis/prognosis” on an upcoming episode of The Always Sunny Podcast, which drops in two weeks.

“It’s not something I would normally talk about publicly but I figured there are others who struggle with similar things and I wanted to remind you that you’re not alone,” he noted.

“You’re not stupid. You’re not ‘bad,"” he continued. “It might feel that way sometimes. But it’s not true :).”

McElhenney hosts The Always Sunny Podcast with show co-stars/co-creators Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton and is married to his co-star Kaitlin Olson. Danny DeVito also stars on the sitcom, which is currently airing its 16th season.

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