Report: Timothée Chalamet’s Bob Dylan biopic to begin shooting in August


Bob Dylan fans have been waiting a long time for the planned Dylan biopic starring Timothée Chalamet in the lead role, and it sounds like it’s finally closer to happening. 

The film’s director, James Mangold, broke the news to Collider that the movie is expected to begin shooting in August, with Timothée doing his own singing in the film.

Mangold says he was interested in the project because “it’s such an amazing time in American culture,” sharing that it will explore “a young 19-year-old Bob Dylan, coming to New York with $2 in his pocket and becoming a worldwide sensation within three years.”

He adds, “It’s so beyond belief, it’s such an interesting true story and about such an interesting moment in America, the American scene, different characters from Woody Guthrie to Bob Dylan, to Pete Seeger, to Joan Baez. All have a role to play in this movie.”

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