Owen Wilson lost a lifetime Rolling Stones pass after he mistakenly went onstage


For a Rolling Stones fan, there would be few things better than a lifetime, all-access pass to their concerts. And apparently Owen Wilson had one, but it was revoked after he took the definition of “all access” too far.

During an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Wilson explained he and a friend, who was good friends with Mick Jagger, were given all-access laminates, noting they “were good for the rest of your life.” But then he messed up at a show in Argentina.

“That night, at the concert, I’m kind of wandering around and testing it out — like, ‘I’m going to walk over here and see if anybody stops me.’ And no one would stop me any place,” Wilson explained. “I ended up right at this place where I could look over and see Mick Jagger on the stage right there and I’m kinda watching and then all of a sudden he bolts during ‘Jumping Jack Flash’ and comes running down.”

Turns out Wilson was standing on part of the stage; he says he froze as Jagger came running toward him.

Wilson says he felt terrible after it happened, noting, “I go to bed that night still thinking, ‘Well, gosh, that was kind of a gnarly experience.’” And that big mistake resulted in his pass being revoked.  

“Then I get a call the next morning asking, from Mick’s security team, ‘Do you have that laminate?’ ‘Yes, I still have it.’ ‘OK, we’re going to come over and pick it up,"” he said.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Wilson didn’t get to enjoy the pass for very long: “I only had it for 24 hours.” 

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