Michael Strahan says ‘The $100,000 Pyramid’ season 6 guests are “focused” and “locked in”


Well into his seventh year hosting The $100,000 Pyramid, Michael Strahan says he’s looking forward to the guest lineup of the upcoming new episodes.

From Deon Cole, Tisha Campbell and Yvette Nicole Brown to Amanda Seales and Cedric the Entertainer, Strahan says season 6 of the beloved word-play game show — and the stacked list of Hollywood stars — is certainly one to watch.

He’s particularly excited for the “pyramid match made in heaven” that is Loni Love and RuPaul, who kick off premiere night on Sunday.

“Loni Love is full of love, always brings a lot of excitement, a lot of jokes, and RuPaul’s the same way,” Strahan tells ABC Audio. “And that’s the thing, you got the funny, joke, all these things but when it comes to winning that money for that contestant, they are, like, focused and locked in.”

But Loni and RuPaul aren’t the only ones super focused on winning big.

Strahan says every celebrity who appears on the show — “even Ken Jennings” — taps into an “unbelievable” go mode when the clock starts ticking.

“He was totally not the guy that I thought he was,” Strahan said of Jennings’ personality while playing the game.

“And that’s what I find out about a lot of [the celebrities] … they come in and you see a completely different side. You see the competitive side of them, but I think a lot of times you see the kid side of them, too.”

Because in many ways, says Strahan, The $100,00 Pyramid is sort of a kids game.

Nonetheless, it’s a game that stars, contestants, and audiences love. They have since the beginning 50 years ago and, according to Strahan, they will for 50 more.

Season 6 of The $100,000 Pyramid continues Sunday, July 9, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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