Masters of puppets: Monica Barbaro spoofs Arnold Schwarzenegger in new ‘FUBAR’ clip


The Arnold Schwarzenegger action comedy series FUBAR comes to Netflix in a few weeks, and in a new clip he just shared from the show, emotions are felt.


Arnold’s overprotective father, Luke, is trying to work out his issues with his daughter Emma at a therapist’s office, thanks to “Sesame Street quality Muppets” representing each of them. The pair have issues, as neither knew the other was a CIA agent, and their history comes out with each star puppeting the other’s fuzzy avatar.

“My daddy is a fossil. He knows nothing about anything, because he was born before 1992,” Arnold says, imitating a woman’s voice. “So he should shut up and let me ruin my life.”

Monica Barbaro‘s Emma is shocked and grabs the bearded Arnold puppet, before affecting his famous accent. “I’m Luke Brunner. I ruined my own marriage, but I’m the expert on everyone else’s,” she says.

“I have muscles, so that means I know everything,” she continues, making the puppet flex. “And I’m from Austria, where life was hard and everything cost a nickel. The only thing I can’t lift is my own ego!”

The series, which also stars Fortune Feimster and Gabriel Luna, debuts on May 25.

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