Marlon Wayans delivers “very emotional” comedy set after learning of death of father, Howell Wayans


There is an old saying “tragedy plus time equals comedy,” but Marlon Wayans had little time to mourn the passing of his father, Wayans family patriarch Howell, before he took the stage Friday night at Flappers comedy club in Burbank, California.

TMZ reports Marlon was between sets when he learned his father had died at 86.

Fans in attendance noted Marlon spoke of his mother’s 2020 passing during his set and acknowledged at the end of the second set that his father had died three hours before he took the stage. The site reports he was “very emotional” and received a standing ovation.

Marlon, about to appear in the drama Air, memorialized his father afterward on Instagram, captioning a photo, “Legend.”

In part, Wayans wrote, “Thank you Pop for being an example of a Man to all your boys. I pray all young black boys can grow up to be a Man like you. Baby boy loves you. And if ever I need you I know exactly where to find you… in my Bible that now sits by bed. Rest well. Kiss Ma for me. Tell her her babies miss her. I got two angels. I feel y’all lifting me already. If there’s a heaven i know you sitting in VIP sippin’ the best wine jesus can make…”

Elvira and Howell had 10 children, including Marlon: In Living Color creator and star Keenan Ivory; actor Damon; Marlon’s Wayans Bros. co-star Shawn; film composer Dwayne; In Living Color player Kim; Nadia; screenwriter Elvira; producer and writer Diedra; and Devonne “VonnieWayans, who is also a screenwriter.

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