Kim Kardashian says she’s getting acting lessons ahead of her ‘American Horror Story’ gig


There were those who groused when Kim Kardashian was cast in the anthology series American Horror Story — among them Patti LuPone and Sharon Stone, not to mention the online snarkers. However, Kim K is taking her own advice and getting her butt to work.

And not in the way we’re used to seeing.

On the red carpet for Monday night’s Met Gala, Kim told Variety she’s “of course” taking acting lessons, adding, “It’s a challenge. I like to challenge myself.”

She also noted production has already begun, though she doesn’t start work until the end of May. “It’s really fun to step outside of your comfort zone, and try something new and grow,” Kim commented. “I’m so excited for the experience.”

American Horror Story: Delicate is being compared to the thriller classic Rosemary’s Baby: A woman in the public eye is convinced darker forces are sabotaging her pregnancy journey.

Kim’s fellow cast members include Emma Roberts, Cara Delevingne, Pose’s Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, Hellraiser’s Odessa A’zion and The Resident’s Matt Czuchry.

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