Kevin Hart, Cate Blanchett and Jamie Lee Curtis’ video game adaptation ‘Borderlands’ gets 2024 release date


Lionsgate revealed on Thursday that Borderlands, the action movie based on the bestselling video game series, is hitting theaters August 9, 2024.

Kevin Hart, and Oscar winners Cate Blanchett and Jamie Lee Curtis star in the movie as the flesh-and-blood version of the game’s characters: Hart plays mercenary Roland; Blanchett the Siren, Lillith; and Curtis the archeologist, Dr. Patricia Tannis.  

Jack Black has also signed on to the picture as the voice of Claptrap, a wheeled, robotic sidekick from the games. 

The plot of the three Borderlands games centers on the planet Pandora — no, not the Avatar one — where players hunt for a mysterious Vault, and its jackpot of alien tech and other assorted treasures.

Horror director Eli Roth is helming the movie, which also stars comedian and actor Bobby Lee, actor Édgar Ramirez, actresses Gina Gershon and Ariana Greenblatt, and Creed II and III baddie Florian Munteanu.

The Borderlands games have sold more than 66 million units worldwide, according to co-producer Gearbox Software.

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