‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ vets Ray Romano, Brad Garrett on “no-brainer” decision to join ‘Bupkis’


(NOTE LANGUAGE) Pete Davidson‘s new comedy series, Bupkis, is now on Peacock.

The show takes a fictionalized view of Davidson’s real life as he tries to juggle family and a career, as well as mental health struggles and addiction issues.

As reported, Pete gathered an all-star cast for the show, including Emmy winner Edie Falco as his mom. Davidson also managed to lure Academy Award winner Joe Pesci out of retirement to play his grandfather.

Everybody Loves Raymond siblings Ray Romano and Brad Garrett also star, with the stand-up playing two versions of himself and Garrett playing Pete’s Uncle Roy.

Garrett said it was an easy decision to sign up. “You know, what a cast. And so this was a no-brainer for me.”

Romano explained he had a friendship with Pete ahead of the show, but they hadn’t hung out much. He added, “And so when this came along … I really took to him. And when I heard Brad was in it, I had to think twice, but I went with it nonetheless.”

Ray and Garrett don’t appear together in the show, but the R-rated comedy let them do things they’d never do on Raymond. “I don’t have much dignity left,” Garrett jokes.

“They wrote stuff worse than you … see on the screen, you know, and I let it rip,” Romano says with a smile.

As evidence, one line has Ray’s alter-ego calling Davidson “P**** Thanos,” thanks to his rumored collecting of starlets like so many Infinity Stones.

It’s particularly funny to find out neither Romano nor Garrett had heard of the Marvel movie baddie, with Garrett admitting, “I thought it was a reference to Theranos,” the bioetch company that imploded for fraud.

Bupkis also features Charlie Day, John Mulaney, Sebastian Stan, Simon Rex and Kenan Thompson.

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