Christopher Nolan says ‘Oppenheimer’ has left some audiences “absolutely devastated”


Christopher Nolan has a warning for anyone planning to go see his new film Oppenheimer.

Apparently, after rounds of test screenings, Nolan has noticed a trend.

“Some people leave the movie absolutely devastated,” Nolan told Wired magazine in an interview released June 20. “They can’t speak. I mean, there’s an element of fear that’s there in history and there in the underpinnings. But the love of the characters, the love of the relationships, is as strong as I’ve ever done.”

The film tells the story of theoretical physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer as he works with the Manhattan Project to make the atomic bomb to end World War II.

Nolan further explains that the film is an intense experience “because it’s an intense story.”

“I showed it to a filmmaker recently who said it’s kind of a horror movie. I don’t disagree,” Nolan said.

Oppenheimer releases in theaters everywhere on July 21.

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