Chris Hemsworth barely survives the Hot Ones Gauntlet of Death


(NOTE LANGUAGE) The mighty Thor nearly met his match on First We Feast’s hit series Hot Ones.

Chris Hemsworth took his seat with host Sean Evans, and although he began with saying “I like my spice,” he struggled toward the end of the Gauntlet of Death of sauces.

In between, as is tradition, he answered a series of questions — though the last few were peppered, pun intended, with the action hero having some trouble with the heat.

Of his new movie Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, Hemsworth compared his character, Dementus, with playing Thor, explaining, “There’s a certain amount of restrictions, expectations to play a hero … to play a villain is fun. The shackles are off.”

The third sauce was manageable, though he added his earlier nonchalance was “going to bite me in the a** — literally.”

At the halfway point, Hemsworth started popping the tops off the bottles and pouring more of the hot stuff on, but the cracks started showing toward the end.

After tasting a sauce called Da Bomb, with 135,600 Scoville heat units, Hemsworth told Evans, “I don’t wanna play anymore” and reached for the milk for the first time to try to cut the heat.

He even gargled with it, admitting, “I’m scared.” He then started slamming ice water — and crunching the ice — to no avail.

The set medic brought him a bowl of what appeared to be either sour cream or ice cream to douse the flames, and he kept spooning it into his mouth for the remainder.

Hemsworth soldiered on through the next sauce — 700,000 heat units’ worth — saying, “It’s like being sunburned, then sunburned again.” He struggled to answer his remaining questions.

Before biting his last wing, he told Evans, “I love you, goodbye,” and took a bite, ultimately besting the Gauntlet. 


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