Brooke Shields talks finding the courage to speak her truth in Hulu documentary ‘Pretty Baby’


Brooke Shields is telling her truth in the new Hulu two-part documentary Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields.

The Lana Wilson-directed doc takes a look back on Shields’ rise to fame as a child model and actress, and the objectification she faced. Ultimately, Shields, now 57, finds her voice and takes her power back.

“I wasn’t afraid that my truth would be twisted,” Shields tells ABC Audio of putting it all out there in a documentary. “And I think … it was time for me because I’ve done a lot of the work on myself. I’m at a place now that really is a turning point … It just felt like it was time to sort of really regard the past, really own it, be proud of it, look at it. And it sort of closes a circle for me.”

She says people have been reacting positively to the documentary “for so many reasons.”

“As much as my life has been played out on large screens and it’s been very public, the experience itself is so much more common than I think people would anticipate before seeing it,” she says.

As for anyone who may be struggling to find their own voice, Shields has a message of encouragement and inspiration for them.

“That it’s not arrogant,” she says. “You deserve it, you are owed this. And sometimes it’s really hard to do it on your own. Surround yourself with people who see the powerful, beautiful side of you that you might not really be in touch with. And let them help lift you up.”

Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields is streaming on Hulu now.

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