Be kind, rewind: Blockbuster Video’s website returns, sparking speculation and nostalgia


By now, most have heard of the downfall of once-giant Blockbuster Video, even if you’re not old enough to have ever rented a movie at one of their locations.

However, something interesting happened online: Blockbuster’s website is now back up and running. It’s just a splash page right now, with the company’s logo and the clever legend, “We are working on rewinding your movie.”

Blockbuster also recently tweeted a cheeky message, “New business idea: We’re going to come back as a bank and use VHS and DVDs as currency. Time to go visit your mom.”

While the splash page didn’t have much to offer, the fact that it’s back online sparked some major nostalgia for social media users.

“Some of my favourite childhood memories were going to Blockbuster on a Friday night,” reminisced one Twitter user.

“If you released the blockbuster smell when you walked in….in a candle that would be all you need for a comeback,” another posted to the brand’s Twitter.

Another saw the company’s tweet as a chance to get something off their chest: “Now is as good a time as any for this confession of a lifetime…I have not (yet) returned Love and Basketball to my local @blockbuster. Rented it 23 years ago. I’m sorry. Also, I don’t have a rewind machine and so I will not be rewinding it.”

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