Amazon reportedly eyeing reboots of ‘Robocop’, ‘Stargate’, ‘Barbershop’ and more


When Amazon acquired MGM and its massive movie library, it wasn’t just to keep Prime Video members’ play buttons busy. Deadline is reporting the company is flipping through the studio’s intellectual property with an eye toward rebooting some of them, and Robocop, Stargate and Barbershop are among the IPs.

While the 1987 Robocop is considered a sci-fi classic and spawned two sequels of its own — as well as a short-lived TV series and a 2014 reboot that tanked — the trade says Amazon Studios is looking to upgrade it once again.

Same goes for Stargate. The 1994 sci-fi film starred James Spader and Kurt Russell, and spawned a long-running syndicated TV property, but it could be reawakened.

While Legally Blonde is an MGM property, and a third movie is already in the script phase, that universe could be back in play under Amazon Studios — for the big or small screen.

According to Deadline, Barbershop, Fame and The Magnificent Seven are also on the docket for new TV properties, sources say.

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